Products for PCB Industry - E.D.C.G.

Standard polyester fabrics are ideal materials for screen printing
Morlock pads with antistatic properties and hardness between 0 - 6 Shore
M&R Global is the largest provider of complete printing solutions
Pad printing machines KENT - Stuttgart GmbH, Germany
Water-based ink for textile printing - Quaglia, Italy
Pantone / RAL codes - Ink mixes according to customer requirements
Semi-automatic small / very small series textile printing equipment
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Products for PCB Industry

Dry film photoresist
  • RISTON 200 series (duPont) - negative working, aqueous processable dry film photoresist. Suitable for print and etch application with acid or alkaline etching. Suitable also for some gold plating applications. Available thickness: 38 and 50 microns. Very good resistance to alkali.    Technical Information
Products for Printed Circuits
Resists for electroplating
  • XZ77 – this range of plating resists is suitable for use with most commercially available electroplating solutions including acid copper, pyrophosphate copper, tin lead fluroborate, nickel, bright tin, acid gold, neutral gold and alkaline gold. XZ77 is a thixotropic plating resist blue, suitable for the finest detail printing, formulated to give high definition prints and smooth non-porous films which are fully resistant to most commonly used plating and pre-cleaning solutions. XZ77 has been used successfully in both acidic and alkaline baths up to pH10 and is easily removed in aqueous alkali solutions of pH12 and above.
  •  Technical Information
Photoimageable etch resists
  • XV750Imageline XV750 etch resist is a liquid photo imageable product which dries by evaporation to give a film that can be sensitized by exposure to UV wavelengths between 310 and 420nm. The unexposed material is developed in dilute alkaline solution with the remainder stable in both acid and alkali etchants and strippable in a strong caustic media.
 Technical Information
  • XV501T – 4 – Imagecure SMART XV501T-4 screen products have excellent adhesion to all clean copper surfaces but are not recommended for use with reflow tin/lead and electrolytic gold-plated conductors. For reflow tin/ lead and electrolytic gold-plated conductors the imagecure SMART XV501T screen products are recommended. A selection of products is available to suit a wide range of process conditions. The required colour and finish may be obtained by mixing the appropriate resist with the clear hardener.  Technical Information
Thermal Curing Solder Resists
  • XZ16T/XZ17B - Two pack solder resists are screen printed thermally curable products that give a highly resistant film on both tin/lead and copper PCB's.  Technical Information
UV Curing Solder Resists
  • XV1200 - The XV1200 is a screen-printed solder mask / dielectric which is cured by a UV curing unit. It is designed, primarily, for application onto single sided 35m. (1.4 mil.) copper circuit boards.    Technical Information
Notation Inks

Single Pack Thermal Notation Inks
  • XZ81 / XZ 83 / XZ 85 - ready to use, thermal curing legend inks which have a wide range of applications and have been specifically developed to display a variety of important properties. These include excellent printability, good adhesion, hardness, resistance to scuffing, heat resistance and resistance to the many types of solvents which flood the board during processing.
UV Curing Single Pack Notation Inks
  • XV1300 - XV1300 Series inks are high definition screen printing legend inks suitable for use over UV solder resists and many types of base laminate material. They are designed to give rapid cure when exposed to ultra violet radiation. XV1300 inks are available in white, yellow, and black shades.    Technical Information
Conductive Inks
  • Touchkey Conductive Inks 26-8203 / 26-8204 - conductive screen-printed inks used in the fabrication of membrane switches, flexible circuits and to print circuits on a variety of substrates. 26-8203 Touchkey carbon ink may be blended with 26-8204 Touchkey silver ink to give inks with intermediate resistivities, at a reduced cost.  Technical Information
  • XZ302-1 – this product has been formulated as a screen-printing polymer thick film for printing over copper tracks to replace the costly process of gold plating contacts and edge connectors, and printing crossovers to replace soldered jumper wires.
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