General Presentation - E.D.C.G.

Standard polyester fabrics are ideal materials for screen printing
Morlock pads with antistatic properties and hardness between 0 - 6 Shore
M&R Global is the largest provider of complete printing solutions
Pad printing machines KENT - Stuttgart GmbH, Germany
Water-based ink for textile printing - Quaglia, Italy
Pantone / RAL codes - Ink mixes according to customer requirements
Semi-automatic small / very small series textile printing equipment
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General Presentation

    Electronic Design & Consulting Group srl (EDCG) is a Romanian private capital company that has promoted modern screen printing methods by organizing seminars and conferences. We are still a step forward in introducing new technologies and materials and services into screen printing and tampography, relying on research and new product creation by our leading suppliers, recognized leaders in their field at European and world level.

According to the European Union regulations taken over by the legislation in force, all products supplied by EDCG are labeled and accompanied by technical and safety data sheets according to the REACH procedure.

The company has been certified ISO 9001 and maintains its standard. For delivered equipment, EDCG provides installation, training and service.
I was the first company to organize Seminars and trainings to promote modern working methods in silk-screen printing.
Our competence is based on the research and the creation of new products by our suppliers, who are all and each and every one recognized leaders in their specific field at the level of the world economy.


Electronic Design & Consulting Group srl was registered as a private company in May 1990 at the Bucharest City Hall and became a limited liability company in 1991.
Initial activity was the supplier of materials for the production of printed circuits. Since 1998, the company has taken on an important role as a provider of materials and services for the screen printing and tamping printing and self-adhesive materials market for advertising graphics.
Since 2007 the company has its own headquarters in a new construction, with a workshop for the production of screen printing and tamping molds, a laboratory for color analyzes and tests, offices and storage facilities.


  • transparency and fairness in the conduct of business
  • a responsible attitude towards people and the environment
  • an ethical and correct attitude in relations with other organizations and firms.
  • we offer our employees a friendly environment and opportunities for professional development
  • stimulate innovation and focus activity on market demands.
  • we maintain team spirit within our company and our suppliers to strengthen our position on the local market and improve customer service.


We are an independent company interested in building partnerships with our clients to offer them a package of materials, technologies and support for their specific applications. The technologies we promote are in line with European and national environmental, labor and PSI standards.
By continually improving our services, we want to further develop ourselves in a dynamic and increasingly competitive market, and at the same time, contribute to the development of a professional business environment.
The values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we support are:
  • transparency and fairness in relations with other organizations and firms.
  • a responsible attitude towards people and the environment
  • a friendly environment and opportunities for professional development for our employees and maintaining team spirit within our company and our suppliers.

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