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Pad printing Inks


PAD PRINTING INK TP218-NT    Technical Information    Colors
Glossy inks with fast drying, printing shows high mechanical and chemical resistance to organic solvents, alkaline and acid solutions, oils and fats. The range of inks is indicated for applications on duroplastic materials, cellulose acetate, polyester, polycarbonate, polyacetate (post-treated), pre-treated polyethylene and polypropylene, metal surfaces.

PAD PRINTING INK TP 218/GL    Technical Informations    Colors
Semi-gloss inks with high mechanical and chemical resistance to organic solvents, alkaline and acidic solutions, water, oils and fats are used in two components. They are suitable for applications on duroplastic materials, glass, ceramics, chrome metal, rhodium-plated or gold-plated surfaces.

PAD PRINTING INK TP 253 L    Technical Information
Two-component inks suitable for printing on silicone rubber substrates. TP 253 L inks do not contain conventional solvents (100% solid mass).

PAD PRINTING INK TP 273 T-NT    Technical Information
The range of semi-varnished inks, medium opacity and fast drying. The ink film is elastic and is generally formed by the substrate to be printed. It is suitable for printing on rubber, natural leather, imitation leather, polyamide and polyurethane.

PAD PRINTING INK TP 287 NT    Technical Information
Ink and fast-drying ink range, ideal for polystyrene and copolymer applications (ABS, Luran, SAN), paper, cellulose acetobutyrate, polymethacrylate and rigid PVC.

PAD PRINTING INK TP 300-R-NT    Technical Information    Colors
Gama de cerneluri lucioase, cu uscare rapida, pot fi utilizate intr-un singur component sau in doi componenti. Este indicata pentru aplicatii pe materiale duroplastice (melamina, bachelita, Teflon), lemn, suprafete acoperite, metale, hartie, poliamide, polietilena si polipropilena pretratata, policarbonat, polyester, poliuretan.

PAD PRINTING INK TP 300/111580-NT (without cyclohexanone)    Technical Information
The range of glossy inks with fast drying is suitable for printing on duroplastic materials, wood, painted surfaces, various metals, paper, polyamides, polyacetal (after treatment), polyethylene and pretreated polypropylene, polycarbonate, polyester, PMMA, polystyrene, Rigid PVC and CDs. It does not contain cyclohexanone).

PAD PRINTING INK TP 313    Technical Information    Colors
Fast-drying and environmentally resistant inks. They are suitable for thermoplastics, especially ABS, polystyrene and copolymers, rigid PVC, PMMA and polycarbonate. For enhanced adhesion to polyester, polyamide and other duroplastic materials, a pretreatment (corona or flame) is required.

PAD PRINTING INK TP 340    Technical Information
Solvent-based inks in one component, very glossy after drying, the only ink that works at 35% dilution. Ultra fast drying; after transfer to the piece, the ink film is dry and mechanically resistant in a few seconds. Wide range of compatible substrates, increased mechanical and chemical resistance, according to all the regulations in force, extended range of colors, catalytic option for interior and exterior.

PAD PRINTING INK TP 400    Technical Information

Solvent-based ink, 1 or 2 component, designed for printing on rigid PVC, PMMA, PC, PS, PP, PE, POM, Polyester, Duroplastics, Metals, Materials with protective layers. The ink is classified as low hazard, conforming to the EN71-3: 2013 Toy Standard and USP Class VI Medical Product Certification.

PAD PRINTING INK TP/PP    Technical Information
One-component inks with air-drying. They are indicated for pre-printed polypropylene prints. Prior to serial printing, it is recommended to perform ink-bonding tests on the substrate to be printed.

PAD PRINTING INK TPI-NT    Technical Information
Tampographic inks indicated for applications on plasticized PVC substrates.

PAD PRINTING INK - TP 2000    Technical Information    Colors
Fast-drying and high-gloss coatings can be used in one component or two components. They are suitable for printing on paper, polyamides, metals, varnished surfaces, wood, pre-treated polyethylene and polypropylene, polycarbonate, polyester, polyurethane, rigid PVC, duroplastic materials.

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